go over something

go over something

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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  • take over something — take over (something) to get control of something. Believe me, your mother will take over your life if you let her! The new director made changes the minute she took over. We are ready to hand over power as soon as there is someone ready to take… …   New idioms dictionary

  • puzzle over something — puzzle over (something) to give a lot of attention and thought to something. I puzzled over those words, trying to understand their hidden message. Related vocabulary: tease out something …   New idioms dictionary

  • carry over something — carry over (something) to allow something you deal with to continue existing. I try not to let my problems at work carry over into my private life. She couldn t pay the full amount she owed, so she carried over part of it to the next month …   New idioms dictionary

  • fork over something — fork over (something) 1. to pay money. We headed into the theme park after forking over $45 each. 2. to give something to someone unwillingly. The cops knew he had a knife, and they made him fork it over …   New idioms dictionary

  • gloss over something — gloss over (something) to fail to deal with the importance of something. The report praised the managers but glossed over the high cost of the project. Usage notes: usually said about a problem or fault: The State Department s reports for the… …   New idioms dictionary

  • mull over something — mull over (something) to think carefully about something for a period of time. She asked me what I thought about her idea, and I said I would have to mull it over. Bill mulled over the pros and cons of this job offer …   New idioms dictionary

  • roll over something — roll over (something) to take profits from an investment and invest them in something similar. After calling my financial advisor, I decided to roll over those treasury bonds. Investors sometimes take cash out of retirement plans rather than roll …   New idioms dictionary

  • sign over something — sign over (something) to give up your rights to something by writing your name on a document. He signed over his death benefits in exchange for cash. She agreed to sign the deed over to me …   New idioms dictionary

  • paper over something — paper over (something) to solve a problem temporarily. They papered over their disagreements in order to end the meeting on a positive note. She has a solid record of bridging differences between groups, not just papering them over …   New idioms dictionary

  • pick over something — pick over (something) to examine a group of things carefully. The boss picked over every word in Kelley s memo. She picked the strawberries over, selecting the largest ones …   New idioms dictionary

  • smooth over something — smooth over (something) to make problems seem less serious. He s on a three day visit to smooth over a crisis. They failed to agree on the main issue, and he certainly wasn t going to ignore it or try to smooth it over …   New idioms dictionary

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